Seal from $20 counterfeit

Union Bank of the State of Tennessee
Chattanooga Branch

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Union Bank Notes

Chattanooga Branch
Three notes are listed in Paul Garland's book on Tennessee obsolete notes, a $5, $10 and $20 type. The $5 and $10 were printed by Underwood, Bald, Spencer and Hufty. The $20 note is imprinted Chas. Toppan & Co., Phila. All three notes are scarce (R-14). A contemporary counterfeit $20 note is also listed in Garland's book. It is listed as R-11 (16-20).

Union Bank $5

$5 Medallion head center & corners, Chattanooga stamp G-131

The $10 note has a young man and lady with men working in a hay field in the distance. It has Medallion head above and below to right and left.

Union Bank $20 conterfeit

$20 counterfeit Ceres, eagle shield, Liberty G-134

Four comparisons between the counterfeit (G-134) and the proof (G-133) Union Bank of Tennessee notes are show in a seperate file. (The file is very large so it will take some time to download.) The counterfeit is on the left in each comparison. Tom assisted with the sale of the Garland collection to the Schingoethe’s. Garland did not have a genuine $20 even though he lists it as a R-14 (2-4) known. Tom believes Paul was just guessing on the rarity. The $5 (Garland and Haxby Plate Note), that Tom bought from Garland, is the only genuine Union Bank at Chattanooga that Garland, Sedman or I had seen.

Check deposited at Union Bank oF TN at Chattanooga

Nashville 1856 check with a Branch Union Bank of Tennessee Chattanooga stamp on the front.
Compliments of Chris Jones

Chattanooga Money Overview Union Bank Union Bank List Bibliography

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